Company Culture


Based on China, leading the world, combining Chinese and Western, joint innovation, continue to commit to the unmet medical needs of human beings, create a world-leading multi-disciplinary medical R&D platform, and keep pursuing the'Patient First' of Hua Medicine.


For Patients - Global Innovation - Effective Medicines


Honesty and Credibility, Pursuit of Excellence, Continuous Innovation, Courage to Act, Cooperation and Win-win

Vocational Development

In Hua Medicine, we are committed to seeking in line with the values of the company, full of enthusiasm, innovation and cooperation of outstanding people to join. We provide a good career development platform and a variety of professional training programs to promote the rapid development of different career stages. We provide competitive compensation and benefits, build a positive and harmonious corporate culture, join Huazhao, and grow together! Gather the power to create the future!


Social Security and Public Housing Fund
Supplementary Accumulation Fund
Supplementary Commercial Insurance
Holiday Welfare
Paid Annual Leave
Employee Fitness
Paid Sick Leave
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