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About Hua Medicine
  Hua Medicine is a leading clinical-stage, innovative drug development company in China, focused on novel therapies for the treatment of diabetes and CNS disorders. Founded by pharma industry veterans and funded by a premier group of international VC investment firms such as Fidelity Asia, Fidelity Biosciences, ARCH Ventures, Venrock, SAIL and WuXi Ventures, the company has in-licensed from major pharma, world-wide rights to a potential best-in-class, oral drug for the treatment of Type 2 Diabetes which utilizes a novel mechanism of action. Hua has successfully brought this compound through both Phase 1a and Phase 1b clinical trials in China with the goal of initiating Phase 2 trials by 1Q2015.
  The company has also internally developed two earlier-stage compounds focused on a clinically-validated CNS target spanning multiple indications, including potential treatments for specific neurodegenerative disorders. Hua retains world-wide rights to both its in-licensed and internally developed products.

3.10 2015
Hua Medicine Files IND in US for its Novel GKA-based Diabetes Drug

3.10 2015

3.5 2015
For many of China's biotech brains-in-exile, it's time to come home

2.9 2015
Hua Medicine Announces Positive Phase 1b Results in Diabetes with 4th-Generation Glucokinase Activator, Shows Robust 24-hour Glucose Control

2.9 2015

1.7 2015
Hua Medicine Raises $25 Million in Series B Financing to Start Phase 2 Trials

10.23 2014
Nature 聚焦上海专栏-华领医药

8.19 2014
我国糖尿病市场现状和前景分析 生物谷

8.4 2014
New IND Process for the First in Class Drug CTA Approval at China CDE

8.4 2014

5.21 2014

4.1 2014

3.26 2014
Hua Medicine tests glucokinase activator in Chinese diabetics

3.20 2014
Hua Medicine Reports Strong Results for Early Diabetes Drug Trial

3.19 2014
Hua Medicine's Novel Glucokinase Activator Reports Positive Phase 1a Data Demonstrating Robust Glucose Regulatory Hormone Modulation & Commences Phase 1b Trials in Diabetes Patients

3.19 2014

2.28 2014
忆张江 - 机会在中国